Magic Or High Tech?

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While many have a tendency to blur the distinction between technological know-how fiction and myth, those concerned in either discipline are brief to element the variations. Fantasy may also deal with elves or gnomes, shaman or wizards. Science fiction deals with alien beings that advanced just like everyday life bureaucracy on Earth, besides they advanced on Mars, or a planet around Sirius or Alpha Centauri (wherein a real planet changed into recently discovered). The characters in myth can paintings magic, fly broomsticks, or forged hexes. The characters in science fiction can invent awesome devices, fly intergalactic spacecraft, or fireplace dying ray blasters. So where is the difference except in factors of ways it is carried out? The difference lies in the declare that the devices and techniques seen in technological know-how fiction may also absolutely be possible, even as simplest individuals who accept as true with reading tea leaves is legitimate could think magic will ever paintings.

Science fiction can justifiably declare success in predicting a lengthy variety of real innovations. The creator of “Man Without a Country” in 1869 had a story, “The Brick Moon”, run as a 3-month serial in The Atlantic Monthly. This not best forecast artificial satellites, however anticipated one in all their real makes use of, as a navigational aid. Arthur C. Clarke himself in 1945 anticipated communications satellites, and later wrote an a laugh essay on how he could not have patented the concept because the patent workplace demanded to recognize how to get the satellites into area, so he failed to cash in on one billion dollar concept. H. G. Wells had the “Land Ironclads” in 1905, well before tanks made their look in World War I. Hundreds of testimonies had been posted approximately area journey lengthy earlier than Yuri Gagarin made mankind’s first spaceflight. Jules Verne had a totally superior submarine crusing in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Hugo Gernsback invented both the phrase and idea of television in one in every of his almost unreadable testimonies, so folks that decry technological know-how fiction as unreal must, to be regular, by no means watch TV, whether broadcast, cable or as a DVD.

Some even today are against the American space application, no longer having regularly occurring that it could turn a huge income if allowed to mine asteroids, create lunar colonies, and do most of the different matters technological know-how fiction has been predicting for many years. But the USA isn’t the handiest kingdom with a space application. Russia became first in space, and has a long tradition of technology fiction (and of delusion as properly). China has plans for lunar landings accompanied carefully by means of construction of a everlasting base. Europe, India, and others have plans. The Apollo landings, if not observed by similarly efforts inside the USA, may be remembered by using records as having approximately as plenty significance because the Viking landings in North America. Except China and the others will not comply with Apollo by using 500 years, as Columbus did the Vikings. A unhappy possibility I envision in my story, “Late Breaking News”.

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